Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow days

I do love me a snow day! 
Well, I don't like driving in it.  And I barely like playing in it. 
But I really like having school canceled for the day!  
View from our living room; overlooking the neighbors house.

See, in the PNW, schools are closed just about automatically when snow threatens the area.  Last night, I went to bed with a 2 hour delay report.  Eric said it snowed all night so having the day canceled came as no surprise.  There is no better feeling than pulling up the school report list, seeing your school district closed and then rolling right back over and falling back to sleep.

My sweet husband is going to drive my dad to dialysis and help my parents today. 
I guess, that means Alexander and I will have to spend the day together, coloring, working on our GeoTrax train tracks and venturing out into the snow.

Oh, how I love a snow day!

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  1. Snow days are the best! What's better than sitting around in your pj's and drinking hot chocolate?!


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