Saturday, March 16, 2013


I've spent most of today with this view.
Game after game after game.
I consider it research for March Madness.
In reality, I can't shake this cold and feel awful.  My couch doesn't feel so awful so I've settled in for a weekend of little productivity.

While Eric slumbered on this morning, I mustered up energy and dragged Alexander on a few errands: post office, cleaners and grocery store.  My son loves errands.  He wasn't a fan of the grocery store stop but I had him help me pick out produce, which included cherry tomatoes as his treat.  He sure was a fan of the dozen strawberries he consumed as soon as we got home.
  On Thursday, I ended up in the doctor office with what I thought was an earache or possible strep throat.  Instead, I walked out with the words "it's a virus" ringing in my ears (muffled, of course) and irritated that I not only wasted money time by going in to the doctor, but I had to get on a freaking scale. 
Weight Watchers, here I come.  Hence the trip to the grocery story with Alexander.  The house is now full of fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt for breakfast and no booze. 
Vegas is in three weeks.  That means swimsuit.  That means motivation to get into a swimsuit.  That means full justification for the money spent on fresh fruit and veggies this morning.
I love when I can make a full circle between three random thoughts.
While you continue to ponder my brilliance, I need to get back to the basketball games.
I really do watch these games as research for a March Madness bracket.
March Madness.
Oh, how I love thee.
PS.  Does anyone have a tip for blocking irritating spam comments? 

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