Sunday, March 3, 2013

something as simple as changing a picture on facebook

Turns out changing a photo can be a major tear trigger. 
I am as surprised as you are.
This picture is currently my cover photo.
It's the last picture we took as a family.
Someday I will frame it but for now, I can't
Anyhow, I thought I'd simply change. it up a bit.
And put this photo in its place.
I'm about 2 in this picture and, what looks like a sweet capture of a kiss, is actually Michelle taking a popsicle piece out of my dad's mouth. 
To get to this picture, I had to scroll through a folder, filled with digital pictures of Dad.  I had been given the folder when I did his memorial slideshow and haven't looked through it since October.
Until today.
Serious tears trigger.
Sad andh happy ones.
My dad lived each day to the fullest.  That thought was evident as I looked through picture after picture with that big grin on his face.  He loved life.  He loved family.  And he loved us.
I am so lucky he was my dad. 

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