Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Agony of March

March is, BY FAR, the longest and busiest month of the school year.  It is four (or sometimes five) loooooong weeks.  The only redeeming quality of this month is that spring break and a trip to Vegas awaits me at the end.  Oh, Vegas.  How I love thee!

Thoughts of being poolside will have to do for now.
State testing.  District meetings.  Guest speakers.  A conference. Planning a spring spirit week.  A field trip or two.
Every Tuesday night, I have an ASB event. Why Tuesday? Because we have late arrival Wednesdays.  Placing evening events on Tuesday brings in larger crowds of students who can sleep in the next day.
Do you know you doesn't get to sleep in?  Yep.  Yours truly. 
Every weekend seems to have a birthday party, family gathering or something else to take our time.  Oh, and in all my ridiculous wisdom, I signed up to help with Alexander's school auction in April.
Oh, and did I mention the herd is going to start running again? 
But you know what else happens in the month of March?

A little celebration of love with this guy!
Sixteen years of wedded bliss. 
I guess not all of March is filled with agony. 
Just most of it.

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