Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fingers Crossed! And maybe the toes, too.

A few months ago, I had a brainstorm about finding a speaker for our MLK assembly.  It didn't work out for various reasons.  I was very disappointed.  And I wasn't about to give up.  I had it on my agenda to call the company back this week to schedule a different date.  You see, I believe strongly that all schools should have Rachel's Challenge present to their student body.  I first heard about this group at leadership camp and it just kept gnawing at the back of my brain. 
Imagine my surprise when I picked up my voice mail today and someone from Rachel's Challenge had left me a message.  It seems as though the group is pairing up with a local news station for a week long promo and need a local high school to provide the assembly.  He said that Liberty immediately came to mind due to my enthusaism and then my pure disappointment when we couldn't make it happen.  He explained everything to me and with each word, my excitement grew.  He finally asked if we were interested and I think I leapt out of my chair and screamed in the poor man's ear, "YES!". 

A description from the website:

Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her acts of kindness and  compassion coupled with the contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school programs in America.

Powerful video/audio footage of Rachel's life and the Columbine tragedy holds students spell-bound during a one hour school presentation that motivates them to positive change in the way they treat others.

Rachel's Challenge Mission:
We exist to inspire, equip and empower every person to create a permanent positive culture change in their school, business and community by starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.
How could I NOT want this message brought to our kids??
Awesome message.
Half the cost. 
 Rachel's dad presents.
 PR for the school.
Changing lives.

You bet we are interested.  Now, we wait to find out if the dates align with our schedule.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and my school.  I gotta believe we can make this happen.  It's good for kids.


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  1. Keegan's school did Rachel' challenge. You should talk to him and just see what he thinks from a kids perspective. He would love to tell you, you know that.

    Good luck to you and your calendar!


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