Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girls Weekend

As I drove away from the boys on Saturday morning, I felt guilt. Terrible guilt about leaving my boys to enjoy a weekend with girlfriends on Camano Island. It probably didn't help that Alexander was in tears and Eric was recovering from the flu when I left them.  However, Eric knew this sleepover was important to me so off I went.  By the way, I did de-escalate Alexander well enough to stop the tears before I left the driveway.  Phew.

The guilt was strong. 
But the need to spend time with a fantastic group of women may have been stronger.

Granted, not all of us could make it.  Jo-Jo was at her son's wrestling tournament (he placed 2nd in state!), Kristen is in AZ, Amy is in CA, Cori stayed home to plan her husband's deployment, and Tira was busy with school activities.  But we texted or called each of them and heard their voices.

Eric once asked me why spending time with this group is so important to me. 
Simply put, time spent with them makes me a better person.  And who doesn't want that in their life?

 I'm grateful for the time I spend with them.

I appreciate that my sweet husband entertained Alexander for two days so I could rejuvenate my soul.

And bring balance to my life.

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