Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Truth

The Good: 
I had the priviledge of recognizing a student for leadership accomplishments at a local Rotary luncheon today.  This student is a true service leader and deserves the award.  Ironically, another student who was recognized for leadership by a different school was a former student of mine (did you follow that?).  Had he remained at our school, I would have had to choose between him and my selection.  Fortunately, both won, both had the chance to have someone sing their praises, and both made me proud. 

The Bad: 
Yesterday I handed out four Saturday schools, five detentions, called four parents, and emergency expelled a kid.  And that was all before noon.

The Truth:
I need the good and the bad days.  Either end of the spectrum has its challenges.  I'm learning if I spend too much time at either end, I lose perspective.  And everyone needs perspective.

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  1. Oh geeze, perspective just bites us in the arse sometimes... huh? You're right, it is a good thing though. :)


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