Monday, December 19, 2011

checking in

I thought I would have blogged more now that I'm on vacation.
Turns out, being on the computer is the last thing I want to do.

The weekend flew by.  Eric has a new computer game so he hung out upstairs.  Alexander and I spent most of the Saturday, hanging out and working on a new puzzle before getting ourselves together for a holiday party with friends, playing rockband and eating delicious treats (and drinking delicious cocktails with whipped cream vodka!  NUMMY!). 
Naturally, Sunday was low-key...until Alexander and I started this...

Apparently, after a few cocktails on Saturday night, I agreed to play LEGO Star Wars with my almost-5 year old (who is WAY better at the game than I am) on Sunday.
WTH was I thinking?  I don't game.

I admit, we had a pretty good time.  So much so, that Eric finally told us to go to bed at 11PM! 
Vacation rocks.

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  1. I am finally on "vacation" now that my grades are in and I am LOVING IT!!! I just love not having anything hanging over my head when the kids go to sleep each night. woohoo!!


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