Saturday, December 31, 2011

out with the old; in with the new

As a teacher, I gauge time by the school year calendar.  Daily life is lived through back to school days, grading quarters, spirit weeks, vacation weeks, standardized testing dates, and end of year festivities.  Thus, New Years Eve has never ranked high amongst holidays to be celebrated.  In fact, we usually celebrate it with east coast time and Alexander and I are in bed by 10. 

That doesn't mean I haven't set my fair share of resolutions.  One year, I resolved to lose to 20 lbs and I did it (2000).  One year, I resolved to run a 5K (1997) and ended up running a 1/2 marathon (2010)...13 years later!  Truthfully, once I'm back in the school routine and counting down days until mid-winter break in February, resolutions are quickly forgotten and I'm back to my old ways.  Something about the daily grind keeps me from focusing on a list of events or behaviors.

Sooooo, this year, I'm choosing something different to celebrate the new year.
As I was blog hopping yesterday, I came across the blog of a woman who chooses a word for the year.  The idea instantly resonated with me because it involves MY choice and is under MY control. 

I choose

Now, I'm going to go search for wall decals so I can decorate my bathroom to remind me to choose joy each morning.  I think I'm also going find pictures of friends and family that fill me with joy and hang those up on my mirror, too!  Oh, I do love a fun project!

As you bring in the new year, what word you would choose for 2012?


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