Saturday, December 3, 2011

i'm so vain

I admit it.

I am vain.

Luckily, I have this blog to blame when I pull my camera out of my purse.  And I'm lucky enough that my friends and family have come to accept it and have become used to posing with me.

Well...most have.
This week, I set a goal to wear my new pretty shoes to work. 

Super cute, right? ! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!   The problem is I haven't been able to convince myself that I can wear them.  It's a combination of 1.)  I'm too old to wear them and 2.) the lack of an outfit. 
This week I was bound and determined to figure this out! 

 I decided I would take a picture of myself and what I wore to work each day, in the event of finding the right outfit for the best shoes.  I saw the idea on another blog and thought it was pretty creative.  And we all know how I like to steal others creativity.

I may not have found the outfit but I definitely found my favorite new way to justify my vanity.
Excuse the TERRIBLE quality of photos - I used my phone.

Every Monday, I wear some sort of dress/skirt/tights/boots combination to work.  I'm only on year two of grown up clothes so I'm slowly working new pieces in as I find them.  I found this cute sweater tunic at Fred Meyer, of all places, and thought it looked pretty cute with leggings and boots.

In hindsight, I think this sweater would have looked great with a black skirt.
And maybe the new shoes.
I'll have to try it another time.

I used to think I could never wear skinny jeans. 
I have since changed my mind and love to pair them with boots.

I wore the shoes!  Under a long pair of jeans but hey, I did it.
BTW, I orginally had this top paired with a long scarf and no cardigan. 
Once I took the picture, I saw ginormous hips so off went the scarf and on a whim, I threw on the cardigan and long necklace. 

Typically, Fridays are dress down days.  However, I had to dance in the assembly and didn't want to look dumpy in front of the entire student body.
I TOLD you I was vain.

Oh, how I love the cardian, skinny jean and boot look!
AND these jeans have been sitting on my shelf when I bought them 10 lbs ago. so BONUS to a new pair of jeans!

So, there you have it.  One week of what I wear to work and my vanity at it's finest.

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  1. Nice work with the shoes. I can't wait to see them with a skirt!


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