Sunday, December 2, 2012

I was a groupie in another life.

I LOVE concerts.
Anytime.  Anyplace.  Just about any group.
  Unfortunately, my financial status often inhibits me from attending concerts because ticket prices always seem to be just out of my price range. 
On Tuesday that all changed.  
A concert on a Tuesday night?
In a movie theater?
The show opened with a live feed from a sound stage.  The dudes from Bon Jovi answered questions, told stories and discussed the upcoming tour for a good 45 minutes.
After the live feed, the movie started.
The movie is three concerts, edited together to show the best of three concerts from the last tour.
There were maybe 50 of us in the theater, singing at the top of our lungs, loving every minute of it.
Doesn't seem feasible that these guys have been rockin' for 30 years!
 My inner 16 year old screamed with delight as Kim and I laughed, giggled, and sang and sang our hearts out.

It was so worth being exhausted the rest of the week.

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