Saturday, December 29, 2012

maybe the fun mojo is just hiding

So, even I realize that last post wasn't the slighest bit cheery.  Thanks to a phone call from my concerned, sweet mother, I reflected a bit on what and why I felt the way I did.  And reminded her once I put the words out there, I typically move on from that particular emotion.  For example, once I said I am no fun, it turns out that I'm reminded I am still fun.

In posting all the Christmas pictures, which took an unbearably long time and that was BEFORE I realized I had to resize and repost ALL of the pictures which was unbearably frustrating, I came across fun Michelle.
With my favorites

Really excited to eat

In love with this guy

In love with this family

Loves making funny faces

It turns out, having vacation downtime may be my enemy.  If I don't have "stuff" to fill my time, my brain goes into overactive emotional mode.  And then I lose my fun mojo.  But I think it's making a comeback.

Remember the book club I told you I cancelled for tonight?  Well, three of my girlfriends refused to let me cancel so they are coming over in jammies, bringing food and drinks, and the boys are leaving us to have our girl night.  That's fun.

Alexander told us last night that he wants to have his birthday party (how can he be turning 6?) at the house and it will be a Lego theme.  Last night I started researching fun Lego party theme/games for planning purposes.  That's fun.

Part of the reason Alexander wants his party at home is so we can spend more money on our trip to Disneyland in February.  Only 8 weeks away!  That's fun.

And Mom and I are planning a trip to Vegas in April.  That's SUPER fun.

So, there you have it.  I will find my fun mojo; I just have to work at it!

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