Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - a year in review

I did a similar post for Alexander's blog
Since I loved, loved, loved looking through the photos and the way the post turned out, I decided I would try it over here. 
2012 - A Year in Review!
My brother and sister in law had a baby shower in Florida.
We were the virutal guests.
Technology is amazing.

A bride picked out her wedding dress.
We celebrated Mika's 40th birthday - white trash style!
My nephew, Calvin Daniel, was born!
I spent a weekend with camp friends...despite feeling like Typhoid Mary.
My neice introduced me to the land of American Doll.
It totally freaked me out.

We sat through a few basketball games, watching adorable 5 year olds.
 Eric and I celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss.
We went to the ocean with this little guy, just because we could.
And I got my iPad.
Easter was at my grandma's house again.
Which means lots and lots of pictures.
With lots and lots of love.
Cuddles and Love
And a Mother's Day trip to San Diego with co-workers.
We celebrated a mommy-to-be.
On Father's Day, my dad recieved his new kidney.
We prayed for what could be.
A few weeks later, I hosted a bridal shower for a bride-to-be!
This was a very busy month!
Dad continued to heal from surgery so my parents moved into a hotel right across the street from the hospital in Seattle.  I visited them a couple of days a week throughout the month.
I balanced that time with these sweet boys.
I spent an fantasticly fun weekend in Chelan, at an awesome bachelorette party.
The month ended with a week at leadership camp, with some awesomely crazy people.
While I was at camp, I was pretty preoccupied with thoughts of my dad's health and I couldn't have asked for more supportive friends.
I am so blessed.
This was busy month #2!
Alexander and I went to MarDon's with friends and gave Eric a week of vacation time.
When we returned, we moved into full wedding mode.
My brother and his family flew into town and I was lucky enough to spend time with my nephew. 
Then it was go, go, go with Jodie and Zak's wedding.
We managed to find a few moments to take photos and laugh before the wedding crazies began.
Eric and I hung out at the wedding rehearsal.
Wedding time!
We were so lucky to be a part of Jodie and Zak's big day.
And our family was able to take one last family photo.
A week later, I drove Dad over to my cousin's wedding in Yakima.  Alice is the baby of the family  and Dad was bound and determined to make it, no matter how badly he was feeling.
I took Dad back to the hotel right after the ceremony and waited for everyone to return.
When they did, Amy and I decided to turn the lobby into our own bar.
Keeping it classy.
A month spent in the hospital with Dad.
But we managed to get out at the beginning of the month.
Alexander started Kindergarten.
And we enjoyed a little walkabout town with friends to celebrate Jeff's promotion.
On October 1, 2012, my dad died.
I celebrated my birthday three days later, which totally sucked.

A few weeks later, we celebrated an early Christmas with my in-laws.
Which totally didn't suck.
Family and love.
Dad's service was the first weekend of the month.
More than 400 people attended his service to surround and lift us up with their love.
More family.
More love.
I have never experience a year where I have felt happiness and sadness, each to extreme levels, as I did in 2012. 
If there is anything I learned, it is to embrace family and cherish the moments we have together.
You don't realize how important they will be to you until they are gone.
Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.


  1. Michelle! I love you so much. What a year!

    Jen Singer

  2. Cheers, to another year of love, love love!

  3. Happy New Year Michelle,
    Love you so much.
    A toast to new memories in 2013.

  4. Thank you for sharing the ups and the downs. You are made up of all of your goods and bads, no matter how hard they are.
    May this year be so much better and give you all that you need.


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