Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life Is Better Because...

I have chosen these wonderful girlfriends to surround me with love, laughter, and lots of red wine.

    18 years ago, I fell in love with a boy.  3 years ago, I fell in love again.

    My wonderful family.  They were VERY generous this Christmas season.

    I can't think of two people who make Papa happier than this sweet boy and girl.

      my sis and I

      my  mom
      (my favorite co-worker too!)

       my bro and I my bro and sister-in-law live in Florida and we missed them on Christmas Day.  A lot.

      I have a cousin named Jodie who called me at 10PM with a brilliant idea for an obnoxious White Elephant gift. A White Elephant gift that only a grandmother can love.

        Fidelia and Jodie.

        We laugh.  We dance. 
        We love Skinny Pirates.
        We take a lot of photos.  Of us.
        And we love the baby girl in Fidelia's belly.  A lot.

          Who do you surround yourself with to make your life better?

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