Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After much fussing, my blog design is done and just in time for the new year!  After a frustrating 2 mile run today (damn side-ache that felt like knives in my ribcage), I started searching the web for backgrounds and banners. I've spent the past several hours, hunched over my laptop, texting Kate, and trying to figure out the right look for my bloggy.  I had no idea how many backgrounds and banners were out there!  Of course, all the sites are now bookmarked in my browser but it turns out all I needed and Voila!  A new look that I adore.  As my cousin Jodie would say, "its high maintenance but with the illusion of low maintenance".  And it is all about me.

Next up...a fun signature!


  1. Thanks for visiting my site, aren't you just adorable!!! I love upbeat, fun loving people, I can tell we are going to just be the best of friends! (OK, maybe a little too strong and creepy there...., I'll just say, Hi, nice to meet you.)


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