Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Brother

My brother is six years younger than me.  He is the youngest of three and has always had two sisters  mothering hovering over him. 

What a good looking crew.

He is the peacekeeper of the family.  And a whole lot of fun.
We stayed awake the entire 36 hours we were in Vegas one time.
Yea, we're rock stars.

My brother is an incredible uncle to his nieces and nephew.

 And, in a few months, he and my sister-in-law Lissa are going to become incredible parents of their own little BOY!


Over the years, my brother has transformed from high school actor to college actor/director.  After Lissa and Patrick married, they moved to Florida.  Patrick has moved up the ranks from African Safari guide, Fear Factor host (Eric and I saw him in this role and almost pee'd our pants with laughter.  My brother is funny.) to currently residing as a fancy pants Universal Studio mucky-muck (Eric and I have not seen this role but we greatly anticipate the perks of free park tickets).

To make a long story short, my little brother is the director of Halloween Horror Night and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure at Universal Studio Orlando.  I'm not 100% sure of his title and I'm fairly certain I inaccurately described what he does but he'll forgive me for it.  He's nice like that.

He is a pretty big deal.

Last week, he sent this picture to us. 
This little gem is part of the set he is working on.  It is tucked away on a little newsstand that hardly anyone will notice. 
He may be 3000 miles away from us but he always has home in his heart.

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