Friday, November 20, 2009

Happiest Girl on Earth!

One day, I'm wondering why I'm in a funk.  The next thing I know...I've never had a better day.  Funny how life works.
  • Yesterday, my family (8 of us) planned a trip to Disneyworld in March to visit my brother and sister in law (who aren't coming home for the holidays)!  With Dad's health issues, I'm personally looking at this trip as a way to celebrate his life. No better way for him to celebrate than having ALL of us around him. 

  • Six weeks BEFORE our trip to Disneyworld, the three of us are going to be in Disneyland with Eric's family (9 of us).  The last time we went to Disneyland (Nov. '08), Eric and I said we wouldn't go back until we brought Alexander.  Little did we know what 2011 would have in store for us. Two trips to the Happiest Place(s) on Earth makes me the Happiest Girl on Earth!

  • I taught the leadership class today. I loved being there.  The kids loved having me there. And my heart didn't hurt.  Progress!

  • Our football team is playing a quarter final state tournament game tonight!  The school/community hasn't seen this level of Patriot Pride since...well, since I was a senior (20 years ago!)! I admit, it is pretty surreal.  It fills my heart with joy that my students are learning to love blue, green and silver as much as I do. It is wonderful to wacht them experience the energy.  Especially when I can recall that football playoff fever like it were yesterday.

  • I've been running for about three weeks and the effects are starting to be noticed by others!  Today, I had several compliments from staff members and I'm not gonna lie, IT FEELS GOOD!  The half marathon is next weekend and I am looking forward to it

  • Weekend plans include:  the last training walk and I think we are going to do 11 miles.  We're cleaning out my parents garage and I'm giddy with the idea of throwing things away.  I love to throw things away.  Laundry, laundry, laundry. 

  • And next week is a 3 day work days before we spend Thanksgiving with the least I get to rub a belly bump!  No, not mine, people. 

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  1. YAY! So glad the funk is gone.

    And double YAY for compliments and noticeable changes! :)


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