Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why blog?

Actually, the title should say "Why Blog...Again?". In the fall of 2007, I created
a blog for our son so family and friends, near and far, could follow his crazy antics. Little did I know what a blog would bring to our life. Family and friends I never suspected email about a particular post they enjoyed. I take better more pictures so I can chronicle events. And I've made connections with other bloggers, who I am convinced would be close friends in real life.

For some time, I've felt the urge to blog my thoughts. Narcissistic? Yes. And that's the point! I can focus on me ON HERE so I can give more to others OUT THERE. I want a place to chronicle my thoughts as a woman. Wife. Mom. Teacher. Daughter. Sister. I can imagine my family and friends are cringing as they think of possible events/situations I may reveal with blunt honesty. I'll be kind. I promise.

Since starting Alexander's blog, I've discovered a sisterhood. No offense to male bloggers, of course. With one click of the mouse, I can travel from the adventure of a new mom to a new bride to a single woman and learn something from each one of them. Many are phenomenal writers. Even more have a skill with a camera that I envy. But we all have this blogging thing in common. Sharing our lives. Sharing experiences. Giving support. Celebrate joys and grieving losses. Together.

I am starting this blog for me. I haven't a clue where this blog will travel. But one could say the same about life. Does anyone know what each day will bring? Will I have the ability to maintain it for longer than a week? I may discover that my son's life is more exciting (not anticipating a huge surprise with that discovery, by the way).

Kate, I blame you for starting me on the blogging path. And I thank you.

Dad, you've probably realized by now that the name of the blog comes from you. So much of who I am comes from you and Mom so I figured starting a blog with one of your sayings would bring good karma.

See, I told you I would be nice.


  1. You're welcome. :)

    It IS nice to have a place to jot down your thoughts and feelings. Even though I'm not as avid as I once was, I really do treasure being able to look back in time at what I thought and felt.

  2. Wow - Love you. I'll show this to your Dad tonight.


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