Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seven Strong

I received a text from a good friend tonight, announcing the birth of their third son.  The first sentence was "it's a hat trick" and made me laugh...

I met Sarah six years ago.  Wow.  Six years.  The beginning of a chapter and I was lucky enough to find friends to turn the pages with me.  Sarah, along with six beautiful woman, were the stars that kept me sane as I struggled with infertility.  I often grin when I speak of these friends because well, we've never met.  Ok, technically, Lizzie, Linda and I have met.  One time.  Summer of '06 in a coffee shop.  It was awesome.  For years, I made fun of Eric for having online friends, would play the good wife when he wanted me to meet someone in real life, but never, EVER thought I would make friends of my own, from an internet forum.  Oh, how he loves to remind me of the day he waved goodbye to me when I left for that coffee shop to meet my very own "make believe" friends!

I met these women on; a forum for woman related pregnancy "stuff".  Little did I know how much I would come to need these women in my life. The summer we decided to start trying to have a baby, I found my way to a board that was frequented by these ladies and one by one, we struck up conversation that took us out of and into our real lives.  Eventually, we moved away from the forum and formed email conversations that would last for weeks.  And now it's Facebook, with our own private group. 

Over the years, we celebrated the births and losses of babies, supported one another when our husbands weren't exactly being overly stellar (in the moment, of course), fretted over career decisions, complained about sleepless nights, bad doctors, and family issues, gossiped about ugly people, and loved one another through it all.  There was a time when each of us thought we would never conceive children (each struggled one way or another) and there are now 14 little ones!  Three of us have twins.  Two of us have two kiddos, Sarah owns the hat trick, and we have Alexander.  Amazing women.  Amazing mothers. 

Sarah is the glue of the group who holds us together when we drift apart.  Lizzie is the fire who inspires us to fight against the wrongs in this world.  Wendy is our gentle mother, whose nurturing soul makes us strive to be better.  Colleen is laughter and grace, all wrapped up in a beautiful package.  Susie is the motivation to do more than we ever dreamed possible and still fit it all into a 24 hour day.  And Linda is the wordsmith who articulates our thoughts and dreams as women and mothers.

 I love these women as though I have known them my entire life.  I have cried for them and to them (more times than I would like to admit).  I have laughed and giggled and done happy dances of joy for them.  When there are good and bad moments that require a hand to be held or a glass of wine to be poured, my heart aches because the distance keeps me from being beside them.  But I think they know I'm there.  Just like I know they are there for me.

So, dear Sarah, on this night that brings another precious gift into our group, know that we are holding your hand, wiping your tears of joy, and dancing a little happy dance in your honor.

I lift my glass to each of you.



  1. I have a similar group. We met when we were all pregnant with our firsts and have continued chatting all these years. And I've never met any of them either. :)

    So glad you have a group like this. It's amazing how "perfect strangers" can be great friends.

    And congrats to Sarah!

  2. Chelle, YOU are the wordsmith. What a beautiful thing to write. I sit here with tears thinking about what a miracle we have in our combined friendship, and often envision our eventual meetup (hopefully in Australia:) all of us together one day. Thank you, sweetie pie, for your unfailing support and for being beautiful you. And I join you in raising a glass of cheer for the newest among us, and his extraordinary mother! xoxoxoxoxo


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