Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Club

  I love to read.

I don't remember a time when I didn't have a book (or two) sitting on my nightstand, waiting for me to delve into the chapters.  I enjoy just about every genre...can't seem to get into science fiction, though.  I love to stumble upon a book based on someone elses recommendation, too.  This year, I've been reading books for work and while The Bully, The Bullied and The Bystander is an excellent book for professional reasons, I found myself needed to fulfill a personal interest in reading.

So, I started a book club. 

Over the years, I've participated in several book clubs.  I love to discuss a book, even if I didn't enjoy it. Once I find a good book, I love to tell everyone I know about it.  For example, Water for Elephants is a must read.  Have you read it?  YOU SHOULD.  Top 5 book.  Wrinkle in Time?  Same thing.  The Red Tent?  Same thing.  Each of those books are different (yet, similar if you look for it) and I love to re-read them every summer. 

Ok, back to my point.

Following my impulse to start a book club, I put out invitations on Facebook to friends and family, not knowing who would say yes.  Eric laughed and asked if I was ready for my worlds to collide, since I was inviting friends from different chapters in my life that I was connected with by Facebook.  Social Networking.  An amazing tool.  Anywhoooo...I said yes and hit the send button.  Little did I know how right he was about my worlds colliding...

Last night, I found myself observing the room as everyone was laughing and chatting.  There was someone from nearly every chapter in my life, surrounding me.  A best friend from high school days.  Sorority sisters.  A non-sorority sister who may or may not have had a key to our house and basically lived there for three years.  Friends who have only known me as Eric's wife.  It doesn't come as surprise to me that they all blend well together.  I mean, I chose them as my friends.  So, they clearly have common traits and values or else they wouldn't be in my life, right?  Not for one minute am I saying that I am the center of this group because I AM NOT.  I simply love how this group has evolved and will continue to evolve as others join us (since I keep inviting everyone from the original email) when the time is right for them. 

This last month, we read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.   Have you read it?  YOU SHOULD.  Top 5 book.  Nearly everyone read it this month and the discussion was awesome.  I love sitting with intelligent women, a glass of wine in hand, and breaking down a book.  Now, that may make me sound weird but it's the truth. I totally groove on it.  Let's break down the book, find out who enjoyed what facet of each character, who discovered a "a-ha" moment within the book, or who maybe didn't enjoy the book and why.  Not to mention, the side conversations filled with laughter as we re-connect each month and share stories of our daily lives are incredibly fun, as well.  Not everyone reads the book each month and that's ok.  By the end of the evening, someone ends up suggesting a book for the next month, someone offers to host, we select a date, and I can almost guarantee that every one of us looks forward to the next meeting.  For many in the group, book club is the perfect excuse to escape our busy lives for a few hours and let loose.

Next month, we are reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  I have already read it.  I won't reveal, just yet, if I think it is a top fiver or not.  But if you've read it, let me know what you think.
I'd love to grab a glass of wine and tell you my thoughts, too.


  1. My book club is reading The Help right now and I'm LOVING it. I have Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet but have yet to read it. Oh, I also have The Red Tent, and have read Water for Elephants, which I too loved. I'll have to check out Wrinkle in Time.


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