Saturday, March 26, 2011


Eric and I are having a mini-vacation this weekend.  Right at home.  Our little man is away at his grandparents, missing us already having the time of his life for three days.  THREE WHOLE DAYS!  I am not even sure what to do with myself.

It's been a LONG time since we have had a staycation.  We've had our overnights before but usually I have plans with friends or we go out.  This weekend.,.it is all about staying home.

We're just hanging out.  Laundry is going.  Kitchen is clean.  House has been vaccuumed. 

Should we take advantage and go out tonight?  Probably.  Will we?  Nope, we're staying in. 

Sweats are on.  Junk food is on the counter.  Beer is cooling in the fridge.  Movies are in the Netflix queue. 

Staycation.  I think I love you.

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