Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sometimes, I just want a beer

4:40AM:  Alexander wakes up and comes into our room.
4:40-5:15AM:  Alexander is in our bed, jabbering nonsense
5:15AM:  I finally send Alexander back to bed and then proceed to yell at the cat for the next 20 minutes, who is also jabbering nonsense.
5:15-8AM:  Everyone falls back asleep...except Mom due to excessive snoring by Eric and cat
8:20AM:  Crawl out of bed, throw on work out clothes, turn on Ice Road Trucker TV show for toddler (who is still jabbering nonsense but loves those crazy truckers) and brew a cup of coffee.  The cup of coffee that I eto drink before leaving for my work out.
8:50-9:25AM:  Workout at Curves with uber-obnoxious lady who won't stop jabbering...about nonsense.
9:30-10:40AM:  Walk 4ish miles with Gypsy.  We had intended to run but we see so little of each other these days that walking and talking was much more appealing.  I don't mind our jabbering.
10:45-11AM:  Stand in line at Starbucks, behind another obnoxious jabbering woman.
11AM - 12:30PM:  Trip to Target with Alexander.  Jabber. Jabber.  Jabber.
12:30 - 2:30PM:  Rest on couch with Alexander, who is refusing his nap but agrees to rest time on the couch, watching Polar Express and jabbering.
2:30-3:30PM:  Finally shower (SILENCE!)
3:30-5:30PM:  Take Alexander to the high school so I can work sound system in gym for the drill team, who is performing for their parents/grandparents.  Alexander puts on an impromptu half-time show, dancing and singing for the crowd.  My kid is cute.

It's now almost 6PM, we're on the couch watching Despicable Me, while Eric makes dinner.
I have been awake for about 14 hours, going non-stop, and I AM TIRED.

Beer never tasted so good.

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