Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Update - with bullet points

  • Going full steam ahead at work, since returning from vacation.  And I'm exhausted.
  • We ended up at the Olive Garden for our anniversary, where I made a scene when they gave us crappy seats, Eric offered to be a guinea pig for their gluten-free dish, they paid for Eric's terrible-tasting gluten-free dish, and I got sloshed on delicious red wine.  Happy 14 years to us!
  • Rachel's Challenge has come and gone from my school and it was a smashing success.
    • Check this out if you want to see the clip from the local news station.
  • I discovered that I can manage daily life with a cold but a fever can make me stop everything and climb into bed.  And feel no guilt. 
  • My dad is doing better and better every day.  The other day, he told me how he was watching Garth Brooks on Oprah and how much he enjoyed watching a man, so filled with humility and grace, bring his gift of song to others.  Dad, you bring a similar gift to those around you.  Just sayin'.
  • I quit Weight Watchers and use myfitnesspal app on my phone now. 
    • I've lost 3 lbs in two weeks which is more than I lost with WW in six months!
  • I love daylight savings.  I hate losing the extra hour of sleep but I LOVE the longer days.
  • The school year is officially two-thirds complete. 
Have a great rest of your weekend! 

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