Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy 43rd Anniversary, Dan and Irene

43 years ago, my parents were married in a little church in Pullman.  They were young.  REALLY young.
In honor of their 43 years of marriage, I thought I would list 43 accomplishments from their life together, as a married couple.  I'm certain I will screw up the order but I gotta try...
  1. Met at Central
  2. Dated for I-don't-know-how-long
  3. Met Lifelong friends - Pete and Dotty
  4. Dad joined the Army
  5. Married March 23
  6. Mom graduated from Central (and retired her pom-poms)
  7. Mom started teaching.
  8. They lived in Germany for a year.
  9. They lived in Pullman for several years.
  10. Baby #1 was born (me)
  11. Dad worked two jobs and went to school, with a newborn.
  12. Mom and I swam in the pool in Pullman.  A lot.
  13. Dad graduted from WSU (with a 4.0).
  14. Dad was hired at Boeing.
  15. So, they moved to Kirkland.
  16. Where baby #2 was born (Kim).
  17. Mom stayed home to change diapers and raise babies.
  18. They spent every weekend and holiday with Dad's family, with visits to Mom's family in Pullman.
  19. Then, baby #3 was born (Patrick)
  20. So, they bought their first (and only) home.
  21. Mom and Dad spent the next 18 years in a blur, raising kids (including kids who weren't theirs!)
  22. They (mostly Mom) attended soccer/softball games, drama plays, and spent hours driving all of us to and from school events.
  23. Dad traveled for Boeing.
  24. Dad coordinated 5Star softball so Kim and I would have the best experience (not always the best teams, though!)
  25. While raising us, Mom was self-employed, making hand crafts that she sold at craft fairs and was very active in the PTSA.
  26. They provided the gift of college tuition to Michelle
  27. They provided the gift of college tuition to Kim
  28. They provided the gift of college tuition to Patrick
  29. They proudly boast that all three of their kids are WSU GRADUATES
  30. They paid for wedding of Michelle and Eric
  31. They paid for wedding of Kim and RJ
  32. They paid for Patrick's gas for years...hahaha...and was involved with his wedding, too.
  33. 26-31 goes to show how they put their kids first in their lives and never complained about not having any money.
  34. Mom went back to work in the high school where two of her kids were high school students
  35. She says she went back to work for money...I say it was because the two remaining kids at home were troublemakers...not for money to help with troubles that the first kid in college was creating.  Sadly, no one supports my theory!
  36. Mom went about her daily life with health issues but never let them stop her from being her best.
  37. Dad stopped traveling as much but hits the 20, 25, 30, 35 year milestones at Boeing
  38. As soon-to-be grandparents, they stayed in a very uncomfortable hospital lobby for 2 days as they waited for the birth of their first grandchild.
  39. Dad held said grandchild before Mom fact, even before L's mama did.
  40. Dad also held his second grandchild first...but not before THIS mama did.  Maybe if they had been in the lobby for his birth, Dad might have gotten first dibs.  Sorry I didn't let you come until he was born, folks.
  41. Dad's kidneys decided they were done working...but Dad wasn't ready to give up so dialysis treatments began.  They work together to make the adjustment to their lives
  42. After 20 years of working with high school kids, Mom retired last June.
  43. After 42 years at Boeing, Dad retired in January.
And they plan to live happily ever after! 
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! 


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