Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest and Me

It seems everyone and their mother is on Pinterest.  Everyone...but me.  I realized yesterday, as my hairdresser was suggesting a school project to me to which I responded "don't tell me you found that on Pinterest? (she had), that I may be the last person on earth, refraining from Pinterest.

Are you on it?  From what I hear, it is fantastic.  From what I hear, it is wonderful for new ideas. From what I hear, I'm really missing out.

Here are my reasons from refraining:
1.  My perfectionist self will feel insecure when I see the great projects done by others.
2.  My non-crafty self will feel insecure when I see the great projects done by others.
3.  My frugal self doesn't have the extra money.
3.  My busy self DOES NOT HAVE TIME!

When all is said and done, I don't have time to pick up a new obsession.  I know there are great ideas on there; inexpensive and fun.  Projects that I could do on my own.  Meals I could even make for us.

In order to find all those projects and meals, it would require time on the computer.  And something would have to give. That something would be time, at home, with my boys.  If I was on Pinterest, we wouldn't have made a dump run today or cut up all the branches in our yard.  I wouldn't have deep cleaned our upstairs or done five loads of laundry.  I wouldn't play board games or make train tracks with Alexander.  I wouldn't watch Glee with Eric.

Of course, if I had an iPad (I REALLY want one!), I bet I could find the time.
I mean, I find time to blog, right?

Have you found something on Pinterest that would change my mind?

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