Thursday, February 16, 2012

step 1...

Choosing a timeshare!!

We want to visit my brother's family in June, right when summer lets out for the summer. The first time Eric and I went to Orlando it was in late June and HOT, HOT, HOT!  We didn't experience any hurricanes and the weather was actually pretty comfortable.  Yes, it will be warm and humid and the boys will probably going to hate it but not me! 
Last night, Eric and I spent time looking at various timeshares.  We prioritized a few but mostly emphasized that we wanted transportation to the parks.  Mom did some searching for us today and VOILA! 
Thanks to my awesome parents for letting us use their timeshare points, we have a place to stay for a week in June!! 

The best part is the bus transportation to and from the parks so we won't have to bug my brother or sister-in-law for rides every day.  I imagine we will end up with a rental car for a few days so we can hang out at their house for a day (look at how cleverly I invited myself over...) and to Universal Studio so my brother can show us his mucky-muck self and I can ride HARRY POTTER! 

Thanks for the timeshare, Mom and Dad!  We really appreciate it!

Step 2 - Flights to Orlando!!

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