Monday, February 27, 2012

Time for the Academy Awards!

One night a year, I get the TV all to myself.  The boys are ever gracious and try not to interrupt my obsession with the Oscars.  By 3pm on Sunday, I was settled onto the couch, watching the red carpet and texting three different people with my comments: Jodie, Kate and Mom.  I watch for about seven hours straight and at the end of the night, I grade it from start to finish.  
Jodie, Kate, Mom and I were blowing up the phones for a solid two hours.
Thanks for playing with me, girls!

Trends:  Strapless.  One shoulder.  A lot of pale-ish dresses (as I predicted). 
 I haven't to admit, there were very few dresses this year that I did not like.  Very few.

So, let's start with my fave.
First dress on the carpet remains the first one in my heart.
Milla Jovovich.
Gorgeous, I say.
I love love love everything about this one.

Penelope Cruz was a close second.
The color is perfect for her and I loved her glamour hairstyle.
When I think of the Oscars, this is the type of dress that comes to mind.

A surprise member of the top three was Gwyneth Paltrow.
I normally don't groove on her but I was a HUGE fan of this look.
Trendy and statuesque.

Now, which dresses brought out my catty self and created the most text message controversy?
First up - worst dress of the night.
Rooney Mara.
While I will concede, from the waist down, this dress is pretty.
I simply couldn't get past her boob flaps. And terrible bangs.

Michelle Williams
Simply put, I was disappointed.  The color is pretty but all you see is color and with her tiny pixie self, she needed something to bring her face out more.  This style isn't right for her. 
I do think she could have done better.

Viola Davis
If you know me at all, you know what is running through my head.
Just don't raise your arm, honey.

Emma Stone
I LOVE this actress.  Her bit with Ben Stiller is one of my favorites from the night.
But this dress?
Good Gawd - why didn't someone tell her there was a giant bow about to eat face?

Honorable Mention list:
Jennifer Lopez
Hair was predictable but I love the style on her.  It is probably more of a Grammy's dress but she rocked it.

Jessica Chastain
The more I stare at it, the more I like the dress.  But not on her. I would have loved to have seen her in a softer color.

Angelina Jolie
I admit it, I like the dress. 
Ang looked like she didn't care about being in attendance but she rocked this dress.  BTW, she did not deserve to have the douchebag make fun of her on stage. 
And she really could use a sandwich.

Finally, Meryl Streep.
She deserved the award and she looked gorgeous accepting it.

I was really disappointed in the show.  Billy Crystal was predictable and, at times, looked pained to be hosting.  Several of the bits were funny, Chris Rock made me laugh out loud, and the memoriam piece was one of my all time favorites.  I admit, I hadn't seen about 80% of the movies that were nominated but now I know what to put in my Netflix queue!

But the Oscars needs to change it up with a different host.  Jodie suggested Jimmy Fallon or Conan O'Brien.
I fully agree.  Funny and they know most of the folks.  Jimmy Kimmel would be a great choice, too.

My grade:  B-.

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