Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anniversary Date Night Ideas Needed!

Even though our anniversary is on Sunday, we decided we would go out on Saturday night to celebrate our thirteen years of marriage.  Eric knows how much I love to watch the Academy Awards (and rip on the attire), so he graciously and lovingly agreed to Saturday so I could watch my show.  Thanks honey!  What a guy.

But what should we do?  It feels like an eternity since we've had hours, ALONE, to ourselves.

Here are the parameters for the date:

My parents are going to watch the boy at our house.  They can put him to bed and there is more for him to do at our place, than at their place.  However, that means we have about a 5 window block between Dad's dialysis treatments.  Which is fine.  It isn't like we are 21 or 22 and must spend hours at a bar.  We know where we are going to dinner because my bro and sis-inlaw gave us a gift card to a nummy steak house. 

What should we do with the rest of our time??  We're on a tight budget so inexpensive ideas are also welcome!

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