Thursday, March 11, 2010

So worth it.

As it turns out, thyroid medication doesn't take long to kick in.  Just two days worth of the new medication and I'm feeling the effects.  I have energy.  I am happy.  I am fun Michelle again!  While some of this might be from sleeping 10 hours (albeit, I didn't sleep from the hours of 3:30 -5 AM), the energy levels seem to be just below full capacity.  They aren't completely full but by tomorrow, they will be.  My students asked what I had done with grumpy Ms. M.  My TA's asked why I was smiling all the time and in such a good mood.  And Eric asked why I offered to let him sleep all afternoon while I play with the boy quietly in his room.
I feel good, peeps!!

See, when the thyroid isn't working, I never notice.  And not noticing?  Well, that's the worst part of it.   I figure the fatigue is normal.  The irritability is due to the cloudy weather and the lack of sleep.  I figure the reason I wake up 10-12 times a night is because Eric snores or the computer is too bright.  I figure that the scale isn't budging despite WW and running 3-5 times a week because I ate too much salt (not true, btw).  I can justify why every symptom is occurring and blind myself to the truth because I never want to admit something is truly wrong.  If something was wrong, I would have to go to the doctor. 
And I hate going to the doctor.

  I should probably work on that, eh?

  It's all the thyroid.  I have a habit of stepping onto the thyroid bandwagon and tell everyone to have it checked.  But I won't take my own medicine.  The good news is I told Eric last night that the next time I suspect a change, I'm going to get a blood draw, rather than wait it out.  It isn't worth it anymore.  My life is 100% different since being diagnosed hypothyroid.  I am so thankful I have the wonderful Dr. M to help me out. And yes Mom, I am thankful that 5 years ago, you convinced me to have it checked. 

Without having it checked, I wouldn't have this little face in my life. 

So worth it.

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  1. SO happy to hear you're feeling like your ol' self. Sometimes it's hard to recognize what's truly going on because it's a gradual process, I imagine. But I'm glad you're back on track and feeling good! Now get that calf healed up!


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