Tuesday, March 23, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I HATE going to the doctor.  I have to be a total mess and at rock bottom before I pick up the phone to make an appointment.

True Story.

However, the pain in my calf muscle wasn't getting better so I sucked it up and went to a doctor yesterday.  Dr C. fixed my back pain in 2008 when I couldn't stand up straight so I figured he could help a torn calf muscle, right?

True Story

It's not a torn muscle but muscle spasms, created by weakness in the other muscles starting in the lower back region.  I was pleasantly surprised that I remembered from college (anatomy was my all-time fav class!) just what the heck Dr. C was talking about and it made total sense to me. 

True Story.

 Instead of the half marathon, I should do a yoga marathon.  Dr C. said this with humor as he was sticking a needle in my back (S-1 region) with his famous cocktail that loosens muscles.  At least it was only one shot and not fourteen like before.

True Story.

 Massage therapy for 10 weeks.  Yoga sessions.  Core work every night for an hour.
No running for a month. 

True Story.

Don't count me out of the half marathon.  The athlete in me isn't ready to give up.
Not yet.
True Story

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  1. A yoga marathon...now that is one I could join you for!

    Singer (:


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