Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another List!

WORKOUT:  5 mile run

I've been on thyroid medication since 2006. In fact, the entire reason we have Alexander is because of that medication (hypothyroidism can be linked to fertility issues).  My wonderful doctor, Dr. M., has pushed me to eat foods that are good for hypothyroidism but I have ignored him.  After my last visit and frustration with my metabolism, I decided that it can't hurt to look up a hypothyroid diet.  And then I started thinking:  with all the running I'm doing, I'll make a list of foods that are good for runners AND hypothyroidism. 

After all, I do love making a list.  Especially on an Excel sheet when I can cross-reference a runner list and hypothyroid list for foods that make both list.

I've found a few good ideas, did a little grocery shopping for good foods, and ordered a couple of books from the library, Lose Weight the Smart Low-Carb Way 200 High-Flavor Recipes and a 7-Step Plan to Stay Slim Forever  and  The sugar solution : your symptoms are real-- and your solution is here.

 I'm not sure if these foods and my levels of exercise are going to be the right triggers for my metabolism.  
But I'm ready to try to put the pieces together.
And now I'm going to bed.  I ran 5 miles today and I'm tired.  

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  1. I also suffer from hypothyroidism (not tht its that rare... but still!) I swear it makes it very hard for me to lose weight and makes me tired and unmotivated all the time. Argh! Its such a vicious cycle. If you have any good tips, email me please!


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