Monday, April 26, 2010

Betsy - this one's for you!

My mother-in-law reads my blog.  Every day.  

Me, Alexander and Betsy 
Summer 2009

She wrote this to me in an email today

Michelle, your saying being a working mom lets you screw up on many levels makes me sad every time I read it.  You are a human juggler and doing a might fine job in my opinion.  Plus you are raising the happiest little person I know.  What a joy he is to visit, I'm so lucky to be able to walk with them both each day.
Well.   That made me stop and think.  One of the greatest blessings in my life is the relationship I share with my mother-in-law.  From the very beginning, there has been a bond of honesty and trust. Not to mention, we are both clean freaks who love to organize (she might be a bit more compulsive than me).
I know I am VERY lucky that my mother-in-law is a friend and as a second mother to me.  Even though I have never called her "Mom", I'd like to think she knows how I feel about her.
We have created endless memories over the years.  Drank many bottles of wine together.  Talked our way into a private casino in Italy together.  Walked miles and miles together over the past 10 summers.  And the list goes on and on.  She is a fantastic Umma and a great playmate for Eric.  Of course, she knows her sons flaws better than anyone so I know she considers me rather saintly for putting up with him as long as I have.  She's right.  I'm awesome.
Anyhow, Betsy, the new header is for you.  Thank you for your honesty and trigger to make me think about what I'm writing.  This blog is about me having solitude to put down my thoughts in self reflection so I hope this new quote doesn't sadden you. 



  1. Thanks for all the nice words, you are like a second daughter and mean the world to me.

    Thanks also for choosing a good picture of me.

    Can't wait till we walk again and solve the world's problems!

    Love, Umma

  2. It is wonderful to have a good mother-in-law that you can get along with. It is an amazing gift from God to have one that you can love so much! How rich are you in all aspects of your life!


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