Thursday, April 22, 2010

This and That

Some days I feel like blogging and other days, I don't.  Some days I'll blog on Alexander's blog and some days on here.  On same days, I won't bother. 

Right now, there just isn't a whole lot going on in my life to report.  How many more posts can I possibly write about running, losing weight, or the boring mundane details of my life?  Hmmm...apparently one more.  Oh, you must be faithful readers if you are willing to sit through these type of posts!
  • I ran twice this week.  Kinda lost my steam for running in the past week but then I took my measurements.
  • I'm smaller than my last visit to Curves!  That means over 20 inches lost since last summer!  
  • The running has officially been validated and will continue.
  • I am officially cancelling the Curves membership.
  • That's 40 bucks back in my pocket each month.  Hello dark gray Vans.
  • Still waiting for Fidelia to have baby girl.  Waiting sucks.  Probably more for Fidelia than for me.
  • Fidelia is at 3cm and at home.  When I was at 3cm, I had my fingers wrapped around the nurse's neck BEGGING for an epidural.  
  • I'm taking tomorrow off.  I may or may not be getting my hair done.
  • My first National Board meeting is on Saturday.  8-3.  I may or may not be dreading it.
  • My parents have Alexander Saturday night.  Date night - here we come!
And that's about it.  Happy 3 day weekend to me!!

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  1. Yah, losing inches is totally a great validation and motivator! Way to go!

    I really need to get my hair cut too. It's LONG.


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