Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The day I ran the school...

Apparently, in June, they let the new kid run the circus. 
My fellow administrators ditched me spent the afternoon in a district meeting today.  That meant it was me and our building cop, with 1200 inmates (uh, I mean, students) for several hours.  While this hasn't been the first time my colleagues have attended meetings out of the building, it is the first time ALL THREE were gone AT ONE TIME, leaving me leave me to freak out in total control.  Granted, it is finals week and most kids were taking exams so the halls were relatively empty.  Granted, with seven days remaining, there isn't a whole lot of ammunition in the discipline arsenal so discipline is at a virtual standstill.   Granted, the day went smoothly and was completely uneventful.

Nonetheless, I was in charge so I took on a few tasks: 
   I completed the master schedule and gave PE teachers the best prep periods and smallest class sizes.  I switched offices so I now have the largest one, with the best view.  I wrote myself an awesome letter of recommendation and signed it with my boss's stamp.  And I left cheery notes on their July calendars (with my picture to keep them company) to encourage them while they are busy at work and I'm at home, enjoying my summer vacation.  

      They are totally going to thank me when they get back. 

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