Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

I wish I could announce that the weekend was filled with all sorts of fabulous events. 

But lying isn't very nice.

Friday was graduation and I didn't get home until midnight.  I love graduation and watching the kids finish a milestone.  It's the accumulation of four years of work with students and, as a teacher, I love seeing their faces as they close this chapter in life.  It doesn't hurt that after the ceremony, the staff wander over to a local bar and celebrate the end of another year.  This night is always loads of fun and I look forward to it for weeks.  Beer and pizza with colleagues makes me happy.  And I was happy until my body reminded me I am on a non-carb diet and I felt gross.   Luckily, this weekend was an Alexander-sleepover at Big Papa and Umma's so a Saturday nap did occur, as well as a lovely sleep-in today.  Feeling less gross tonight.

Let's see...what else.  I took a few items back to stores and then proceeded to buy a couple of cardigans that were on sale.  What can I say?  I love me a cardigan.

One in blue and one in black.  They will be just perfect for the summer months, don't you agree?

After the finishing not-so-exciting tasks of laundry and cleaning the house, I read a bit, watched some TV, hung out with Eric, and that was that.  The weekend is now over.  Eric and I probably should have done yardwork but ya know, I'm going to be home for the next nine weeks.  We'll have PLENTY of time to work outside.  Besides, it isn't as much fun to work in the yard without a four year old's voice, babbling at us the entire time. 

The last day of school is Thursday.  This week marks the end of my rookie year as ASB Activity Coordinator and Dean of Students.  It was such a whirlwind but I loved it.  Most of it is a blur but that's how a rookie year is supposed to go.

I am super excited to be home with my boys.  It never fails to amaze me how ready I am for the end of the school year and how ready I am to start it in August.  Only a few days to go...

Have a good week!

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  1. You are soo lucky you only have a few days left! I have another week and a half! I too am already "ready" for the next school year. Today, I was actually preparing something in my room for September, haha!!!
    Cute cardi btw!!


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