Monday, June 27, 2011

A Quiet Weekend

I remember a time when Eric and I would wake up on a Saturday morning and make a spontaneous decision about our day.  We may end up on the mountain, hiking a trail,or maybe we'd be in Seattle, at Pike Place Market or waiting to board a ferry boat. 

Fast forward ten years.  When we wake up, our options are now cleaning the house, yard work, or watching TV - three things that never seem to get done when Alexander is around. 

It was a sleepover weekend and we had the house to ourselves.  Saturday morning, I went to the mall to return a few items (and didn't buy anything) and worked out while Eric slept in.   The day was perfect for yardwork so we built a fire and burned a bunch of trees.  Ok, Eric built the fire and burned the trees while I sat with a cocktail and watched my man work.  Sunday, I laid out in the sun all day and soaked up as much Vitamin D as possible while Eric gamed.  We did watch a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy.  Never a show I would choose for us but it isn't half bad...if you like bikers, blood, and great writing.

This morning, we will meet Alexander and Umma at swim lessons and make the swap.  And life will go back to normal.

The house may not get cleaned or laundry finished.  And I'm sure we won't want another episode of the show anytime soon.  That's ok.  I'm ready for the loud chatter of our son to fill the house again.  More than ready.

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