Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why 17 days?

My bloggy friend Kayla asked what this 17 day thing was all about so I thought I would explain it (you're welcome, Kayla!) 

Here's the deal.  You diet follow a diet for 17 days

There are 4 cycles in the diet, each lasting 17 days.  In those 17 days you shock your metabolism and keep it guessing.  And you drop weight.  Seriously.  That's all there is to it.  The book is an easy read, there are suggested meals and suggested recipes too.  And, if you think about it, you can commit to anything for 17 days, right?

In the three months of working out at Curves, I have lost inches.  But not a single pound.  And it was driving me nuts.   When a trusted someone who-shall-remain-nameless told me I would actually lose weight with this diet, I admit, I was sceptical.  Another diet?  Another fad?  Really?  But when she told me how much she had lost in such little time, I was sold.  I ordered the book on Amazon and started last Thursday.

 I wouldn't say I'm starving but, as with any weight loss plan, I do have a vicious headache.  It is a serious struggle to figure out how and what to eat with my busy work day.  And I am a tad bit crabby.   Poor Eric bore the brunt of it when he couldn't remember where he hid the scale and I spent an hour tearing the house apart to find it.  I just wanted to know if this diet was working.  And I needed a scale.  Was it too much to ask that the man remember where he hid it from me?  In the end, I found it (hidden in the desk) and lo and behold, I was down four pounds!

Four pounds in two days.  Holy Mother of Pete.  Talk about instant gratification and motivation!

17 days.  With results like this, you bet your ass I can do this.

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