Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mama Bear is out of hibernation

The school year is over!  Can I get a HIP-HIP-HOORAY?  Or a great big WOOOO-HOOOOO?

Even if you didn't yelp for me just now, I know you are feeling my excitement.  And maybe a little jealousy if you have to work all summer?  Yea, that's ok.  I forgive you.  I wouldn't like me much either, if I were you.  Of course, your paycheck is probably a bit better than mine so...we're even.  hahaha

School ended in its traditional way, with a golf tournament and lots and lots of beer.  It was SO much fun and I love finishing the school year with a fun celebration.

But when my nasty internal clock woke me up at 5AM on Friday, I wasn't in any hurry to begin the summer celebration.  Instead, I rolled right back over and slept for several more hours. 

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For about 48 hours post-last day of school, all I have done is sleep.  Alexander has been a champ and slept in until at least 7 every morning since summer started and Eric has been very understanding of my need to catch up on rest.  Normally, I don't require this much sleep after the year ends but this was a year like none other. 

Yesterday, I finally felt human and made it to Curves, did loads of laundry, deep cleaned 1 of 2 bathrooms and helped Alexander clear books off his shelves to give to Marigold.  It wasn't the most eventful of days but it was something.

 I'm officially out of hibernation and looking forward to all the summer should bring.  Plus, the sun is shining today and that is always a good thing when you live in the Pacific Northwest!

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