Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What? Another post?

Two posts in one week?  Can it be true?  Yes, yes, you can believe your eyes.  I'm posting twice in one week.  I'm actually hoping to keep both blogs a little more updated during the summer months.  You'd think we'd be too busy in the summer months to stay updated but truthfully, life is very different for us in the summer months.  For example, today.  Instead of waking to my alarm clock, I woke up at 6AM to "I go pee!  I go poo!" being yelled from the bathroom.  This is how my child often wakes me up on the weekends so it is nice to see his consistency with summer months.  Lovely alarm clock. 

After several cups of coffee, an updated Alexander blog update, and an hour spent re-vamping my leadership camp presentation, Eric came downstairs.  Alexander headed to the sand box and I headed into the great, overgrown yard to weed-whack the hell out of the weeds that are threatenin to take over everything. 

Our poor yard.  It has become so overgrown. In our defense, we thought we'd be working on the house addition at this point so, the area that is the most overgrown is where the addition is supposed to lie.  However, we're still waiting for the stupid fire marshall to give approval.  I will say, cursing our architect and the fire marshall did anger me enough to keep me motivated to finish the last bit of the yard.  I totally kicked ass over the weeds.  Just hope no one needs me to lift my arms in the next day or so!  We still have a lot to do in the next couple of weeks before we host the family reunion but that's ok.  It keeps me busy.  The weather turned gross today, which definitely dampens the summer mood.  Hopefully, we won't see a weather pattern of sunny-rainy-sunny-rainy all summer long!

The boy is now napping, Eric is on the computer, and I'm about to clean a bit, read a few blogs, and then get back to reading the third installment in the Games of Thrones books.  If you are much of a reader, you probably definitely want to pick up this series.  Especially if you enjoy time pieces and sagas.  My brother is watching the series on HBO and says it is really good, too.  Maybe that will be next for me.

In re-reading this post, even I can admit that it is rather boring.  However, it's summer and right now, boredom is ok with me!

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