Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bridal Shower Recap - with a WHOLE bunch of photos!

Last weekend, I hosted Jodie's long awaited and highly anticipated bridal shower at our house.  Since her worlds were going to collide and bridal showers can be awkward, we decided to go over the top with the theme.  The two of us love our Captain and Diet Cokes.  Eric suggested a pirate theme and Jodie immediately agreed to the idea. 

Naturally, I did my part and started on the most important business at hand - emptying Captain Morgan bottles!
For decorating purposes, of course.
The boys lent their skills and created this masterpiece.
Other decorations included
a sweet treasure chest, filled with coins, gold beads, gems...and a Captain bottle.
Of course.
A door covering that I used to cover a picture in our kitchen.
I asked the Moms to send baby pictures of Jodie and Zak and hung them in the kitchen for all to see.
 Jodie loved the pictures of she took a couple pictures of them for herself!

And a poster I created. 
No big deal.
I stole borrowed pictures off of Jodie's FB page and had them printed in 5X7, printed off the letters, and put together the best poster this super non-creative lady could do.

My awesome sister and brother in law did all the food for me.  I have to admit, delegating that piece of the party was a HUGE relief.  I just hate working with food.

It was DELICIOUS!  All of our Jodie's favorite snack treats.
 And my sweet niece even lent a hand to help with the set up.
Instead of cupcakes, cookies or cake, we had bowls of candy.  I forgot to take pictures of the bowls...probably too busy easy the candy out of them.

The guests began to arrive to shower Jodie with loads of love!

Jodie's newest niece, baby Adelaide, made an appearance.  Being born two days prior to the shower couldn't stop this party girl.  Or her mama.
 Fidelia is a bridesmaid and there was NO WAY she was going to miss the shower.
And, I might add, there is NO WAY I looked that good two days after giving birth.
She's amazing.

I have about a million pictures of Jodie opening gifts.  I just couldn't help but keep snapping away because I love her and her expressions.
Here are just a few of my favorites.

I just love this girl so much!

A few more pictures with Zak's family members.
And that was it.

Oh, one more picture...
This may be the WORST picture the three of us have taken together.


Guess we will have to make up for it with loads of photos at the wedding! 

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  1. I love you so much and I HATE all those pictures of me. It was actually good to see though because it makes me realize I'm way less swollen than that already. That last one of us three made me laugh out loud. Nowhere to go but up! That montage of Jodie pics is my fave. What's not to love about that girl? Cheers to you for doing SUCH a fantastic job! Love your face off.


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