Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The UnPerfect Me

Sometimes I come across a blog and think to myself, "that person can't be real.  Her life is way too perfect.  Where's the shizz in her life?".  Maybe her life really is that great but I doubt it.  No life is perfect. 

Which leads me to today's blog post.  10 reasons why I am not perfect.  I accept every single one of things as me.  Maybe I'll do another list on another day as to why I am pretty great but let's be real.  No one is perfect.

1.  I use the F word.  A LOT.  And I love it.
2.  My house is typically messy.  Right now, there is clutter all over the kitchen counters, the island, and the floor needs to be swept.
3.  I am forever and always consumed by the thought of food.  My emotions determine what I eat.  But I do try to not let Alexander see this obsession because I know it is very unhealthy.  Doesn't stop me from stepping on the scale every morning and having my weight determine my mood, though.
4.  I am very quick to make snap judgements of other people.  And the snap judgement is usually about what a person is wearing, how their hair looks, or how bad/good their make up is. 
5.  I do not spend enough time playing with my son.  Instead, I let him watch cartoons while I blog or read.  I'm definitely not Parent of the Year when it comes to spending time with my child.  And I could never be a stay at home parent.

6.  I am not always nice to my hubby.  I attack him when I'm upset over something and that's not nice.  Thankfully, after 15 years of marriage, the guy is pretty used to it and can snap me out of it in a matter of minutes.  Which is why I love him.
7.  I'm catty and I like to gossip.  Especially after having a couple of cocktails.  I'm pretty sure I could be a Real Housewife...which is why I love that show.
8.  I'm brutally honest.  This is not always a bad thing and those who know me well, know that the honesty comes from my heart.  But I am learning that I have to soften my tone at work and that is really hard for me to do.
9.  I'm bossy, have a Type A personality and want to be in control.  Always.  This can also be a source of contention between hubby and me.

10.  I hate being 40 and getting old.  In my head, I'm anywhere between 28-32, or even 16 again.  But I definitely am not embracing getting older.  Someone told me my 40's would be great.  They lied.

There you have it. The UnPerfect Me.  Love it or leave it.


  1. I like the F word too. I think it is a punctuation point on an important statement.

  2. I make snap judgements on appearance, too! I mean I'm pretty good about not really judging someone's character deeply, but if they, for example, are dressed like a floozy, then I am going to assume they are a floozy and think she doesn't have much self respect. I guess we shouldn't judge that way, but some people bring it upon themselves. I mean, c'mon, they have to know the implications of how they choose to look. Anyway, I saw that you're a teacher! Cool! Me too. Sometimes that makes me paranoid about blogging... LOL

    1. I also try not to judge character but let's face it...when a person is wearing the wrong red lipstick, 9 times out of 10 she opens her mouth and her character reflects what is on the outside! LOL!

      As for being a teacher, I just try to keep locations, names and school info out of the blog. I also don't really blog much about teaching because I can't always put into words what is happening in my work world. Ya know?

  3. OMG! 80% of what you said about yourself is true about me too...

    1. Which means we should be friends! LOL!!!

  4. This is hilarious. We should never have cocktails together because it would be nothing but "f" words! I get really bad when drinking.


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