Friday, February 12, 2010

Change is not easy.

Change is not easy.  It is healthy, though.

And I'm having serious cold feet over cutting my hair.  Now, many of you may be chuckling that I'm talking about my hair.  AGAIN.   We all have our "issues".  Be it weight gain/loss, shopping for that 9th pair of jeans, handbags, shoes, cooking or writing on a blog every single day.  For me, my hair is my high maintenance issue.  So, the very idea of cutting off almost 7 inches is freaking me out.  The very idea of changing the one thing I have total control over is freaky.

Change is not easy.  It is healthy, though.

Don't fret.  I'm doing it.  I may need my hairdresser to give me a hug and dry some tears when it done but she'll do it.  She's a good friend, like that.  But I woke up this morning and freaked out.  Of course, when I threw it back into a messy bun for what must be the 30th day in a row, I re-affirmed to myself that the time is here.

Change is not easy.  It is healthy, though.

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