Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Bags Have Bags

I officially cannot recall the exact day I last felt rested.  Maybe it was the day of my 20th high school reunion, when Eric took the baby and gave me the afternoon to nap and get ready.  Maybe it was the day my sister took her nephew for the night (I think I was up at 7AM and went for a run which defeated any sleeping in).  Maybe it was over Christmas Break when I forced myself to take daily naps.
I truly don't know.

Regardless, having a toddler changes everything.  Shoot, having a kid changes everything but I had no idea I would never regain healthy sleep habits.  Today, a student told me that my make up was running under my eyes and I had dark smudges (gotta love when they care about you enough to tell you that you look bad).  No dear, those aren't dark smudges from make up...
those are dark smudges from THE LACK OF SLEEP I live with on a daily basis. 

Yesterday, I was looking through old pictures.   I look more rested during the nine months when I was on maternity leave than I have looked the past two years!  Sadly, I'm not even sure how I can begin to regain sleep.  Most nights, my sleep is interrupted by the cat screaming at something outside or Eric snoring beside me.  I can NEVER sleep when the baby is awake so even when I'm dying for a nap, luck would have it that Alexander doesn't want  a nap.  Even if I'm in bed by 9 (which is a good night), I can't unwind for a good hour.  Before I realize it, my alarm is going off at 5:15.
And it starts all over again.

I thought it was a lie when I heard that skin looses elasticity as you grow older.  
It's not.
I even use top shelf eye cream and the bags continue to mulitply.

Just take one look at this photo, taken during vacation when you would have slept well.  
Notice that this 38 year old isn't exactly looking like a spring chicken these days...

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