Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vacation, Here I Come!!

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking my little man and getting the hecktor (trying not to swear in 2010) out of town!!  The bags are packed.  The camera and ipod's are charged. 
It's mid-winter break and I NEED A BREAK!!
For the first time, my little man will see this view from his seat.

We'll be arriving to warm temperatures, loving grandparents eager to see their sweet boy, and many views like this one. 

I'll be spending hours hanging about in the warm sunshine while the grandparents spend every minute with their grandson (only thing missing from this picture is a good book and a cocktail!)

And finally, we'll meet up with Eric and spend the weekend HERE!!!

Do you suppose it's too early to book tickets for next year?


  1. Have a blast Chelle!
    And yeah!
    You have your new haircut for the trip!!

  2. WOW!!!! I so wish we were on our way somewhere fun (and warm), but I guess I will just live through all your pictures right now :-) Have a great time honey!!! Happy V-Day!!


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