Thursday, February 4, 2010

I do love making lists

The post title says it all.  I love me a good list.  Even better than making the list is the satisfaction I feel AFTER I cross items off the list.  I make lists for everything and they sit on nearly every surface in the house.  It was a major victory when Eric gave me the green light to make a list for HIM to complete and tape to the fridge.  Apparently, he doesn't feel the same satisfaction with crossing items list as nothing has been finished on his list (hope springs eternal, right?) 

Right now, I have a grocery list.  A big project to-do list (you know the one:  clean utility drawer, take back clothes, go through baby clothes, clean out closets, etc.)  I have a list at work which keeps my grades updated and my counters clean.  There is a list of weekend chores that repeats itself but is efficient. 

And then there is the vacation list.  The big-picture "what to pack" portion of the list.  The "carry on" bag" list.  The "checked bag" list.  The "what to borrow from friends" list.  The "what needs to be bought" list.  The "what needs to be done before we leave" list. The "Alexander" list.  The "Michelle" list.  I'm not allowed to make an Eric list ever since the vacation when we both thought we had packed pants for Eric only to find out neither of us had packed for him.  Eric now has to fend for himself when it comes to packing.

Once the list is complete, I will actually start packing days in advance.  I'll pack, unpack and then repack.  I'll try on clothes, discard clothes, and feel an urgent need to shop for MORE clothes.  Fortunately, I can fit into most of the pre-pregnancy clothes so 2006 fashion is alive and kicking it once more.  I'll cross things off the vacation list, add more items, and then forget all about the list on the eve of our departure because my stress levels will be through the roof.

I have learned to refrain from making a list of all the things we should do while on vacation.  I have learned to live in the moment and let myself relax on vacation.  I have learned to let the days unfold as they will and enjoy them.  And I have learned that if there is one day where we do nothing but hang out at the hotel, order room service, and sleep, that's just as good as making a list.


  1. I love to make lists, but barely follow them. My wife is a tacher and she is the list lady here!


  2. my sister even added making lists as one of my favorites on the game whonu! I make lists like they are going out of style....but I hate them.i make them cuz my brain just forgets and I hate that even more!!!
    So I have one more thing to add to your carry-on bag..if you are bringing a portable dvd player for Alex (which I highly recommend) bring him a pair of good headphones. We found out the hard way that the inside of a plane is loud for a toddler to watch a movie and the people in the row in front of us just don't enjoy the tinny sound of a movie!


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