Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Ramblings

It's hard to believe it is already Sunday afternoon.  Where did the time go?

The herd ran five miles yesterday.  I hit the 100 miles mark since I started keeping track in November (I think I hit that milestone a few weeks ago but haven't recorded all my runs).  No sideache!  But I need new shoes.   And I am specifically ignoring the burn in my calf that indicates a muscle tear.

I attended a beautiful baby shower for a cousin yesterday (first cousin, once removed is what we were told).  In all, eleven family members were able to attend.  Five from the "cousins" generation and six from mine.  Amy is the second youngest and expecting a baby girl in three weeks.  It was wonderful to see family and celebrate a sweet new life.

I bagged on a run this morning in order to spend time with my boys.  This past week was insanely busy and I felt I never saw them for more than a few hours at a time on any given night.  I simply wanted to be home.

In keeping with that decision, I also chose to miss a baby shower for my cousin's wife (different cousin, different side of the family) today.  Fidelia is due at the end of April, also with a little girl, and I look forward to the family celebrating in mid-March.  I hope she will forgive me for choosing my boys over her. I simply wanted to be home.

I spent most of today, cleaning, doing laundry, playing trains, reading books, and updating Alexander's blog

I'm watching the first and ONLY Olympic event I have managed to watch since the games began.  The gold medal hockey game.  Kinda boring but still hoping USA pulls it off...I've never been a huge fan of Winter Olympics. 

It's another busy week for me with something planned for each evening.  I hope it passes quickly!  Next weekend is our anniversary.  Thirteen years with my best friend.  I'll save a post about the great guy I married for another day.
Have a great week!

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