Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Goals

Alrighty folks, time for a little goal setting.  Rachel and Jen are doing it so I'm doing it, too (cause I wanna be like the cool kids!).  For a number of reasons, I like the idea of setting goals.  First, I love to make lists.  Second, I like to cross items off a list and show productivity.  Third, setting goals will help me find the balance that I need as I work towards setting my priorities straight.

That being said, what are my goals for October?
  1. Settle into a routine and solid pace at work.  Once Homecoming ends (this week!), I won't have as many plates to balance and the pace should slow down.  I have to remember the school year is a marathon, not a sprint to the finish line.  Right now, it feels like I'm interval training!
  2. I'd like to delve into the administrative pieces of my job.  Having a better understanding will help me be a stronger member of the team.
  3. I will not log on to the computer on any date night with Eric for the entire month.  We often sit and watch movies and I have never been able to sit still through a movie (possible adult onset of ADHD?)for years.  So, I find myself logging on to the computer and surfing, rather than focusing on hanging out with Eric.  It is a bad habit that I want to break. 
  4. I have given up on running in the morning before work.  So, my goal is to meet the girls from work, before school, twice a week to lift weights and hang out.  Meeting this goal will not only make me feel better about working out but appeal to the social side of me, as well.
  5. Think before I commit to anything so I don't bail out on anyone.  Ask myself questions like:  Is the timing right?  How will I feel, based on my schedule, when that day comes around?  How will my boys be affected if I commit myself to this event?  Is there another time that this event could work better for me and my family? 
So, making that list wasn't so hard.  Hopefully, accomplishing a few of the goals will be as easy as creating the list

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish?  I challenge you to set October goals for yourself TODAY!


  1. Good list!!! I have to say, I do the same thing when supposedly spending quality time. I am addicted to my droid and the computer... I think I have adult ADD, really. Like, I've been meaning to set up an appt. with a therapist or SOMETHING, geeze...

    Anyway, lists are good. :)

  2. Oops, I commented from my other gmail account... it's still meeee, I promise! :)

  3. I could have written that whole first paragraph :) Ahh, structure. Good luck with your goals!

  4. I am shamefully behind in my blog-reading (thanks to a couple of business trips and a couple of needy dogs) but I'm so happy you set October goals, too! :) I especially like number 5. It's important. I completely agree. A few friends of mine think I'm selfish if I say I can't jam up my schedule like that, but it would be selfish of me to jam up my schedule, stress myself out, and it effect my home life :)


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