Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I remember the days pre-Alexander.  Eric would sleep in until after noon and I would be up early.  I'd clean the house, do the laundry, drink loads of coffee, and watch all my TV shows taped from the week.  Yes, I said taped.  You can laugh.  We had a VCR for years.  Can you believe we STILL don't have a DVR.  That frustration is for another day's post.  Anyhow, the days before we had our son were a bit slower, a bit quieter, and a way less interesting as they are now.  I truly wouldn't trade having my son for a minute of that quiet time.

That being said, having that quiet time return once in a while is a blessing.  It's good for Eric and I to spend time together.  With this busy job of mine, I don't spend near enough quality time with my husband.  And I miss him.  He is a solid, strong man who accepts me for who I am and wants me to be happy in my new job.  And he is happier at home with Alexander than he ever was working at Boeing. 
Finding time for one another is the hardest part of life after Alexander.  Yet, there will come a time when life after Alexander is life with Eric.  The time will come when I am retired (14 years from now), Alexander will be in college, and Eric and I will play together, every day.  We were lucky to have 10 years to play before our son arrived and God willing, we will have plenty of time together when Alexander is out on his own.
For now, Eric is sleeping in.  I'm watching the Hurt Locker (not very good movie, I might add), and thinking about showering and going shopping. 
It's a good Sunday morning.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better! We didn't prefer the hurt locker either... :( I can sleep in forever, usually the Hubs is up before me. But, I'm a night owl and am way more productive during the hours of 9-3am! Haha! I get lots of cleaning and homework done then! :) sleep is the one thing I know I will miss terribly... I love a good nap! ;)


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