Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Aunt DeeGee

Hi Aunt DeeGee,

Today, I know you are busy playing with the angels but here on earth, we are saying goodbye to you.  The family is gathered, tears are flowing, and I'm pretty sure there is laughter too.  And from your heavenly perch, I have no doubt you are laughing along and wiping their eyes, as necessary. 

It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one.  You are the last of your generation. Oops, there is Uncle Dick but I keep forgetting him, even at his ripe age of 90-something.  But you are the last of the three sisters that defined the lives of my mother, my uncle, and her numerous cousins.   From the time I can remember, her cousins were her siblings.  This is a gift you and your sisters gave to Mom, especially once my grandma died.  Did you know what gift you were giving her to hold on to at all those family events?  I have a feeling you knew exactly what you were doing.  After all, you were one of the smartest ladies I ever knew.

Aunt DeeGee with my mom and her cousins (and baby Sydnee)
I can't begin to tell you of my admiration of you.  I can picture your bright smile on your face, as you drank a beer at my baby shower.  Oh, what a fiesty lady you were!  I have no doubt I would have enjoyed hanging out with you, Aunt June, and Grandma when you were all my age.  No doubt whatsoever!  Luckily, I am blessed to hang out with the legacies and wonderful people the three of you left behind.  Greatly blessed.

So, even though I am not with my family at the service, I know you are with them. 

Thank you for being an amazing woman.   You will be missed.  And tonight, I'll toast a beer in your honor.
Aunt DeeGee with my generation of cousins (minus one or two.  And Alexander) 
We love you.
p.s.  When you have a chance, will you give a hug to my grandma for me?  And tell Uncle Bill and Jerome that Mardi is happy?  And, if you have a minute, please thank Grandmuz for being our guardian angel all these years.

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