Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

I thought about doing the month to month break down of 2010.  However, I think I have consumed too many glasses of red wine to think that hard about the past year.

So, I was surfing blogs and came across this idea at California Born and Raised.  It's a pretty fun blog so if you have a moment, pop over and watch the life of a recent college graduate unfold! 
p.s.  her name is also Michelle so you know she is a fun gal!

Accomplishments: Being offered the new job of ASB Activities Coordinator and Dean of Students. 

Decisions: Deciding to apply for the job in August was a big one because my principal and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye.  I truly wasn't sure he would be interested in hiring me and that can be a difficult thing to walk into.   Fortunately, he has been nothing but supportive the past few months so I'm thankful I made the decision to apply.

Moments: Making eye contact with Eric when we walked into Disneyland and saw pure joy on our child's face.  Seeing the Magic Kingdom through the eyes of the child truly is magical.  I kinda want to cry thinking about it.

Movies: I'm a little sad to admit we didn't see many movies in the theater.  The Blindside comes to mind but I don't know if it was a 2009 movie that I finally saw in 2010 (via Netflix).  I really liked it, though. The only movie we saw in the theater was Toy Story 3, with Alexander.  I cried.  I loved it.  Other than that, we've seen several movies with Netflix but nothing outstanding comes to mind.  OH!  Except Hot Tub Time Travels.  Great movie.  So funny.

Presents: Hmmm...Eric and Alexander bought a cool digital frame for me for my birthday.  It no longer works.  That sucks.

Songs:  "I gotta feeling" by Black Eyed Peas because it reminds me of Leadership camp, Alexander singing it with my high school students last spring, and it is a fun song.  Right now, the song that stands out is "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz because Alexander insists on hosting a dance party everytime he hears it.  In the car.  In a store.  In the driveway.  In the living room.  It's the best dance party song ever.  Just ask Jo-Jo and Zak.

Travels: Arizona/Disneyland in February, Disneyworld in March, Leadership camp in July, Lake Chelan in August, Wenatchee in October. 

TV Shows: We don't watch any TV because Alexander usually comandeers the TV.  However, we did watch Dexter and The Wire series via Netflix and I fell in love with The Wire.  So good.

Words to Live By: If you can dream it, you can do it."  Walt Disney

Happy New Year!!

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